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What Is A Corporate Partnership?

A mutually beneficial relationship formed between a nonprofit or charitable organization and for-profit businesses whose purpose is to pursue a common goal based on the shared values of participating organizations.

 The Tenth Institute Mission

CILI’s premiere program is The Tenth Institute dedicated to sourcing college students of color enrolled in 4-year institutions, teaching and engaging them in career skills and competency development programming, along with internship experiences to create a pipeline of diverse high potential talent, ready for opportunities within companies throughout the New Orleans Region and Louisiana for mid to high wage careers in industries that transform and facilitate economic growth. 

CILI's Vision

Engage in talent development initiatives targeting our region’s leading companies that will lead to changing and enriching lives of college graduates of color in ways that encourage them to stay in the region, become leaders and build legacies that perpetuate talent development for the region for decades to come.

 a 501(3) non-profit organization


Office: 504-313-4828
Fax: 504-285-6386


Career Immersion & Leadership Institute
3157 Gentilly Blvd Suite # 2184
New Orleans, LA 70122

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