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CILI’s premiere program, The Tenth Institute is dedicated to sourcing college students of color enrolled in 4-year institutions, teaching, and engaging them in career skills and competency development programming, along with internship experiences to create a pipeline of diverse high potential talent, ready for opportunities within companies throughout the New Orleans Region and Louisiana for mid to high wage careers in industries that transform and facilitate economic growth.

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The Tenth Institute Program

High Potential Talent Development Program Ecosystem

Our 3-Stage Professional Development Approach

We Are Committed to Professional Development

A Profile of Our Co-Hort 1 2021 Tenth Institute Fellows

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High Internship Placement at Competitive Hourly Rates

Placement and Pay Results From Cohort #1 Summer 2021

Facts About The Tenth Institute Program

  • The Institute is a dedicated to creating a pipeline of talent from the underserved and underrepresented college enrolled populations within the New Orleans region and Louisiana.
  • The Institute seeks to continue the work already being done by several regional organizations working to get underserved and underrepresented talent to and through college. Overall, The Tenth Institute’s mission is to connect a pathway into companies and careers throughout the region
  • The Institute is a ecosystem focused on developing talent with core skills and capabilities to attain middle and senior leadership roles in corporations throughout the region.  
  • The Institute’s core program will consist of: a select group of high potential intern talent, multi-year Internship  experience with a focus on matching high potential Interns with highly inclusive companies: Intense Summer Internships and Leadership Development programming  
  • 8-12 Weeks in duration, multiple Summers preferred; some are repeated at the same company  
  • Job Match Assessment: Use science to increase the likelihood the Intern will enjoy the experience and excel in the job.

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